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How companies turn their data into insights  

Growing volumes of data generated from diverse data sources are increasingly posing problems for companies. With Big Data Analytics, complex data can be processed, analyzed and visualized. This enables companies to derive actionable insights in order to optimize business processes, use resources more efficiently, and gain a competitive edge.

As a long-standing Google Cloud Partner, we advise companies in all industries on the optimal handling of their data and develop individual solutions for data analysis and visualization.

Data Analytics with Google Cloud

As a certified partner with a Data Analytics Specialization we rely on the services of Google Cloud when it comes to data analysis. With its Big Data technologies, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the ideal environment for dealing with the complexity of large data volumes and diverse data sources. Regardless of workload, the GCP provides a secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure in which business-critical data analysis solutions can be built and maintained. 

Google Cloud Services for your Big Data analytics solution

  • BigQuery: for the high-performance handling of large amounts of data
  • BigQuery GIS: especially for handling geodata
  • Cloud DataFlow: for data preparation and merging
  • FireStore: real-time database for dynamic assets
  • BigQuery ML: for predictions using machine learning
Ubilabs Data Analytics Specialist

Our data analytics services

data preparation

Aggregate, prepare and enrich data: Our cloud experts help you to make complex data from different sources usable.

data analysis with individual software

Be it static or dynamic data: We support you in the development of analysis software so that you can gain insights from your data.

data analysis with customized dashboards and tools

All data, and thus all findings, at a glance? We develop individual dashboards and tools that make your data visible and usable.

Individual solutions for data analytics and visualization

Large amounts of data offer great opportunities. But the diverse requirements in the various industries call for custom solutions.

The mobility industry is on the move, more so than ever. With our Mobility Service Pipeline, we have created a platform to aggregate and prepare national and international mobility data for subsequent analysis. With Google's cloud services, we can visualize this data from various mobility providers to analyze user behavior and identify changes in this behavior – caused by influences such as the corona pandemic.

data visualization with individual dashboards by Ubilabs

preparation, analysis, and visualization of sports data with live-tracking applications by Ubilabs

Real-time data plays a role in many industries – for the organizers of large outdoor sports events, it is the key to a special fan experience. With a live-tracking application such as the one we developed for the Red Bull X-Alps 2019 adventure race, athletes can be followed live on a map. This brings the fans close to the action, whether they are at home or on the road.

Data Analysis und Prediction

How can big data be used to gain insights? Depending on the type of data, there are different options:

  • Historical data: With static data, companies can look back and evaluate previous processes.
  • Real-time data: A dashboard fed with dynamic data makes it possible to visualize and analyze running processes.
  • Data prediction: With machine learning technologies, historical data can be used to train models and make predictions.