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Looker: from data to insights

Kick off your data journey with the official Looker partner in DACH

Succeeding with the industry leader

Companies that make data-driven decisions are more successful. Whether you are developing
products, managing marketing campaigns, or monitoring production: what matters is to gain in-
depth insights quickly.

As a Looker partner, we are your point of contact in the German-speaking countries. Looker is part of our portfolio relating to Google Cloud and big data analytics. With a team that includes certified Looker developers, data scientists and data engineers, we will assist you along your entire data journey.

Looker is listed as an industry leader in the G2 Crowd Report

Your Partner for Looker & Data Analytics

  • In-depth advice on data analytics and business intelligence in the Google Cloud

  • Certified Looker developers, data scientists and data engineers

  • Everything from a single source, with no additional costs: Looker license on account,
    reliable support, assigned contact person

  • Industry insights from 13 years of mobility & logistics experience

  • Training for your employees on how to use Looker:
    - Jump Start Training: overview of Looker’s potential for your company
    - Rapid Deploy: With the Jump Start Training as a foundation, we support you in taking the first steps with Looker
    - Further training sessions in implementation

Download: Our offerings for Looker at a glance

Accelerate reporting and analysis in BI

The effective company-wide data governance and access management makes it easy to share data, charts and dashboards between employees or to integrate them into products and/or applications. All authorized participants operate exclusively based on the original data. This "single source of truth" practice ensures that all users always obtain up-to-date figures from the same database.

Where you stand

  • You have data sources that you would like to gather findings from.

  • You have various data sources that have not yet been merged.

  • Maybe you have already centralized your data, but you are still missing the right tool to
    process it.

  • You want to empower your teams to work autonomously using a uniform database and
    without reporting latency.

The solution: Looker BI

  • Uniform, reliable and complete view of all business data and centralized business metrics in the database – everything in one place.

  • Every department, every employee can perform their own data analysis.

  • Data use and evaluation without any data analytics knowledge.

  • Data-driven workflows strengthen operational processes by delivering comprehensive data that are available close to real-time.

  • Machine learning makes reliable predictions possible.

  • Proactive control over data processes, governance and security.

Looker as a Google Cloud or multi-Cloud component

Looker and Google have the common goal of solving business problems for customers across all industries, regardless of where their data is located or where they want to deploy it. At the same time, both Looker and Google are pursuing a multi-cloud strategy. Looker can be seamlessly integrated into other public clouds and hybrid environments.

Flexible, Agile and scaleable

Whether it’s Google Cloud, AWS or Azure – Google and Looker support public clouds as well as multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Looker is designed for modern Git workflows and agile development processes and can be scaled for growth. New users or application examples can be easily added.

Low maintenance costs

Having real-time access to business intelligence across the entire company reduces the workload of the IT team and the bottlenecks that analysts typically face. Developers can focus on developing software and do not have to spend time providing support for ad-hoc BI requests.

Highest security standards

Looker meets the highest data security standards in terms of authentication, access management and robust administration. As Looker provides a central point of access to the data, it makes it possible to build a robust business intelligence governance infrastructure.

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