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  • Wichtig: Seit Juli 2016 schreibt Google vor, dass auch für solche kostenlose Tools ein API-Key erforderlich ist
  • Mit dem Google Maps Generator ist es ganz einfach, eine Karte in die eigene Website einzubinden


Google Maps: Integrate a location map into your website for free

Integrate a map into your website quickly and without the need for any great programming know-how: With our Google Maps Generator, you can do this in a matter of minutes and benefit from a great choice of three different styles of map: the usual basic Google Map, as well as a reduced map in light gray and a “night-time” map.

Free to use for free websites

The Google Maps Generator is free to use for private and commercial websites, provided these are free and public. Important note: As of summer 2016, users are now obliged to request and specify a Google Maps API key. This is free of charge. The relevant link can be found in our Google Maps Generator, below the field in which the key is to be entered. 

How to create your Google Map for your website in compliance with Google

In the first step, enter the key information for your map: the name and address of your company or location that you want shown on the map with a marker. You can also specify further information, such as what your company has to offer. This information will then be displayed below the title in the info field that appears when you hover over the Google marker on the map. Google Autocomplete – the function for automatically completing the address – helps you enter the address correctly. You can then choose your favorite map from three styles of map and specify the map dimensions. In the next step, you need to request the Google Maps API key required since summer 2016 and then enter this in the relevant field. Finally, choose “Show Snippet” – you’ll receive the code that you can now paste into your website.