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Each line is a wrong address: In some cases, there were thousands of kilometers between the original and the corrected data. (Source: Ubilabs)


More efficient and successful through address validation

Typing errors in the address, a missing or wrong name: Inaccurate address data can have expensive consequences. Address validation using Google Maps offers a quick and cost-effective way to correct address data and display it correctly on the map.

An accurate store locator for a tyre manufacturer

With the help of Google Maps, we enable companies to quickly and cost-effectively correct impure datasets and display them correctly on the map. An internationally successful tyre manufacturer also benefited from this, as it is now possible to find the nearest dealer via a store locator on its website. The company approached us because the addresses of dealers repeatedly did not match the display on the map or could not be displayed at all.

45 percent of the data was incorrect
Around 45 percent of the data records were incorrect or had the wrong address. The cause of the discrepancies was quickly found: The address data had different formats and the names of the dealers were not always correctly stored. In a lean and cost-effective process, we were able to correct the errors in just a few steps.

  • Checking the timeliness, form and correctness
  • Renewed query of the data via Google Maps
  • Plausibility check
  • Correction of the data based on the Places API

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