From UX optimization to system architecture: solutions from a full-service provider for higher safety on the road

atudo is the leading app platform for car drivers in Germany. It’s optimized for being used while driving, offering traffic-related services and information such as navigation and hazard warnings as well as gas station and parking lot search functions.

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How did we develop the leading app platform for car drivers in Germany?

It all started with – a German web community collecting speed trap warnings online. In 2009, Eifrig Media asked us to develop a back-end system to facilitate content management inside the community and putting the speed trap warnings on a map. Following its success, we created the integrated service platform atudo. It consists of several additional apps relevant for car drivers and offers maximum flexibility for future service enhancements.

User Experience

Ubilabs optimized the UX flow of the existing app for easier onboarding and an intuitive user experience.

Mobile App Architecture

We developed the mobile app architecture in a way that new functions can be integrated easily as individual apps. For this purpose, we provided relevant functions for system integration via an internal SDK.

System Architecture

Ubilabs developed the atudo server platform and integrated various system components:

  • Integration of platform functions into the mobile iOS and Android apps via an internal SDK
  • Installing/establishing/connecting/using the App Store and Google Play Store as payment channels for recurring payments
  • Integration of external applications via OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect into atudo’s central user and rights management
  • Seamless integration of web apps into the native iOS and Android apps

Web App Development

We developed and integrated various web apps providing services of the atudo platform (e.g. gas station app and parking app).

How did we implement the project?

Our collaboration with Eifrig Media was characterized by the following factors of success:

  • Our cross-functional team of UX designers and iOS, Android, Ruby, and frontend developers
  • Direct communication between the customer’s product owner and the team at Ubilabs
  • Direct coordination between Ubilabs and other service providers
  • Development in SCRUM sprints while also using a Kanban system for integration and roll-out
  • Agile quality assurance: pair review & programming, test automation, continuous integration & delivery

What’s our USP?

Ubilabs is the innovative development partner for service platforms in the mobility and  automotive sectors – from ideation to UX design and system architecture to cross-platform implementation.

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