From Website to Successful Community Platform

More than 2,000 speed traps are documented on every day. Ubilabs has developed a content management system for Eifrig Media to quickly provide the community with the latest reports.

Avoid danger zones with

Every driver is familiar with this situation: you stop paying attention for just a moment and suddenly you’ve exceeded the speed limit or got stuck in traffic. On both familiar roads and in new cities, warning systems are very helpful for recognizing speed limits and danger zones ahead of time. One of the first products that came on the market to help drivers is The community reports more than 2,000 mobile speed traps every day and documents them in a photo gallery. With this in mind, Ubilabs was tasked by Eifrig Media with developing a content management system and a community platform for and atudo.

From website to successful community platform started out as a community website. To this end, we developed a back-end system that the editorial team could use to add the data transmitted by users to the map. 

An important criterion in structuring the content management system was that it had to be possible to quickly evaluate a large number of traffic reports by certain quality criteria and then relay the information to users. Following the enormous success of this system, we set up atudo, a community platform with additional services that contains various apps and was designed to function like a driving club. Users simply set up an account, which they can use to make in-app purchases.

Comprehensive service – including cheaper gas

In addition to warnings about danger zones, there is also a gas price and gas station finder that shows drivers the cheapest places to fill their tanks near the highway. The biggest challenge in developing atudo was connecting the existing back-end system with ever newer Web apps

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