Enhanced Service for Insurance Customers

Euler Hermes wants to offer even better customer service – while also reducing internal process costs. The company will be able to do both with the help of an interactive map that shows branch areas and local contact partners.

better service thanks to an interactive map

Now more than ever, customers want to have a one-to-one conversation and a reliable contact partner nearby. In addition to a dense network of advisors, it is particularly important for customers to be able to find the right advisor quickly. Euler Hermes – a global market leader for credit insurance – recognized this and turned to us with the request to develop an elegant online solution.

The nearest advisor is just a click away

We were tasked with creating an interactive map that shows the branch areas of Euler Hermes. Prospective customers can now quickly find a complete list of nearby branches and a local broker, no matter where they are in Germany. The relevant contact details can be accessed with a single click, and the user can also get directions to the branch.

The application is based on Google Maps. Both the map and the application were adapted to the Euler Hermes corporate design and have been seamlessly integrated into the company’s website. The advisor search has been optimized for both Web browsers and mobile devices. We designed all of the control functions and the Google map so that the tool can be used on any smartphone or tablet.

The result: more satisfied customers and less costs

The improved display and clear geographic assignment of contact partners improved sales considerably. Euler Hermes not only enhanced its service and improved customer satisfaction, but also reported greater efficiency on the customer service team: as customers now rarely have to be transferred, Euler Hermes has been able to reduce internal costs over the long term.

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