Putting Videos on the Map to Document Violations

Video can be a powerful tool for documenting violations of human rights. Human rights organization WITNESS tasked Ubilabs with creating a map-based video archive that its editorial team could maintain without much difficulty.

Interactive editing of eyewitness accounts

Videos can be a powerful tool for documenting attacks. A major challenge when using video to document human rights violations is verifying them and providing context. WITNESS is an international organization headquartered in New York that seeks to point out human rights violations with the help of eyewitness accounts. The WITNESS Media Lab offers video training and provides technologies and a platform for publishing eyewitness videos.

Against this backdrop, Ubilabs worked on behalf of WITNESS Media Lab and its partner Google to develop an interactive map of the world that could be used to locate eyewitness accounts.

Providing simple editing and integration of videos  

A map of the world has been embedded in the design of the overall website. The editorial team can use a table to add data and integrate videos in just a few easy steps.

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