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Address Validation for E-Commerce

Avoid shopping cart abandonments and failed shipments

The new Address Validation API from Google enables automatic validation and correction when entering shipping addresses at check out. This avoids failed or incorrect deliveries and cancellations in advance and reduces chargebacks.

As a Google Premium Partner with specializations in Data Analytics and Location Intelligence, we take care of the licensing of the Google API, advise you on how and where to use the API in your enterprise architecture in a reasonable way and help with the implementation.

As one of the first testers of the new Maps features, our team provides the necessary expertise to combine Google products in a way that achieves the best result for you.

You want to know if the Address Validation API is the right product for you? Together with you, we test the Google API for your use and make a cost estimation for you.

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Increase purchases with address validation

Today, there are more ways than ever to connect customers with the products they want - from order to delivery. However, this process has also become more complex. It's harder than ever to avoid user experience issues and ensure a package arrives at the right place. A small mistake can easily lead to major problems.

70% of all shopping carts are abandoned and 9% of all online orders contain typos or misspellings in the shipping address.


Address validation is used to:

  • Facilitate registration and check-out processes
  • Provide users with an easy way to correct the address they have entered
  • Reduce problems with online checkout
  • Reduce failed and missed deliveries and avoid costly complications
  • Improve overall customer experience

What is address validation?

Source: Google

The Address Validation API complements Google Maps Platform's Geocoding and Autocomplete API, providing new features with validation that further enhance address entry quality. The features include:

  • Identification of different address components within an unstructured address.
  • Correcting common errors, such as misspelled street names and identifying missing data.
  • Verification of the entered address: A variety of data sources are used to verify that the address is an existing address.
  • Verification whether the address is complete: missing components are identified and addresses are augmented with additional data, such as geocode and USPS data*. (*available in USA only)

How does address validation work?

Source: Google

The API first takes an address (structured or unstructured) as input, and then processes a variety of data, including cleaned, normalized, derived (if missing/incorrect) and validated address components. Questionable address components are then identified to correct user input errors, as these addresses may fail if the missing or unvalidated address component is not updated. Address and geocode precision ensures deliverability. Confidence levels per address component are provided to ensure the address is accurate and standardized by checking misspellings and abbreviations. In markets where this is possible, valid addresses are further enhanced by additional metadata, such as classification as a business or residential address.

Here you can find documentation of Google's implementation of the Address Validation API for developers

Your advantages when implementing with our experts

  • Google Premium Partner with 15 years of experience in development, consulting and licensing of Google Cloud and Google Maps solutions
  • Proven expertise in the retail & e-commerce sector
  • Competent team to assist with implementation and execution
  • Processing via partner enables invoicing
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