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3D Animation Airplane above Grand Canyon

It all makes a vacation unforgettable

Where is the best beach tucked away? Where are the most interesting sights? And which restaurants are a real insider’s tip? Important information that scores hotels and travel providers points with their customers. But, if they wish to offer the best travel experience, being able to give the right directions to the accommodation and reliable information on the infrastructure and surroundings matters just as much.

Map Marker with Umbrella

Our services for the tourism industry

  • Interactive maps for guests to discover the surroundings, to explore relevant places and activities nearby or to familiarize themselves with the area
  • Providing the correct address using the auto-complete function of the Google Places API to ensure an easy and reliable arrival 

Successful projects

  • Route planning tool enables mobile COVID vaccination

    A pilot project in Düsseldorf is currently making groundbreaking progress for COVID vaccination at home: thanks to a software solution tailored by us, mobile vaccination teams can be deployed much more efficiently and thus supply more people with the vaccines.

  • Data visualization of ship movements in the port of Hamburg

    The Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center controls shipping traffic in Hamburg. Together, we developed a proof of concept by developing various data visualizations and enabling new insights and optimization potential with data analysis in the cloud.