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Location Intelligence: More successful thanks to geodata

Imagine that you knew today who needed your product tomorrow. And exactly where your supply chain snags. How your hotel can be found faster online. Or why so many online customers abort their purchases when they enter their addresses. And imagine that you had all this information provided in an easy-to-see format with tailored solutions for your problem. Welcome to the world of location intelligence.

Reach business objectives faster with LI

So what exactly is location intelligence (LI)? Put simply, it consists of gathering, enriching and analyzing location and movement data. This approach opens up many important insights for businesses, together with dependable bases for viable decision-making, since LI tools help to improve in-company efficiency and to strengthen business processes.

Location Intelligence


How can we help you achieve your goals?

Google Maps

Use Google Maps professionally

Whether logistics and transportation, tourism, real estate, insurance and banking, or retail and e-commerce, interactive maps are important levers for optimizing internal and external processes, gaining greater visibility, and securing competitive advantages.


Mobility provides data. Data provides better mobility.

How can companies or cities make use of spatial data? Whether this is a municipality that wishes to optimize its bus and train scheduling or vehicle fleet owners seeking to expand, location data analyses help to ensure optimal utilization of fleets or transport connections, to expand zones of operation, to plan new locations and much more. Mobility providers from car-sharing through e-scooter sharing to ride hailing use our solutions, and so do cities and municipalities.


Making logistics processes smooth

What would our increasingly complex and ever faster-moving world look like without logistics? It’s hard to imagine; after all, society and the economy depend on reliable goods transportation and efficient delivery networks.

Retail & E-Commerce

Knowing your customers means doing better business

Many retailers already have an immense body of data. Yet not all of them systematically exploit the enormous potential that this data offers. Such as delivering valuable insights into business processes and information on how customers behave when making purchases.

Travel & Tourism

Location data for an unforgettable vacation

Where is the best beach tucked away? Where are the most interesting sights? And which restaurants are a real insider’s tip? Important information that scores hotels and travel providers points with their customers. But, if they wish to offer the best travel experience, being able to give the right directions to the accommodation and reliable information on the infrastructure and surroundings matters just as much.

Real Estate

When it’s all about location, LI is gold dust

What determines the value of a residential property? By its macro location – the area in which it is situated. And also the microlocation with the immediate surroundings. But potential purchasers want to know even more …

Tour Planning

Tour planning

The most sustainable way to minimize costs and effort and to meet your own business requirements is to develop an individual tour planning tool. With a customized tool, you plan your tours for freight forwarding and field service efficiently and cost-saving.

Successful projects

  • More efficient and successful through address data validation

    Typos in the address, a missing or incorrect name: Inaccurate address data can have expensive consequences. Address data validation using Google Maps offers a fast and cost-effective way to correct address data and display it correctly on the map.

  • Making well-founded location decisions thanks to location scoring

    What determines the value of a property, apart from the features and condition? The location - on the one hand the region in which it is located, on the other hand the immediate surroundings that surround it. How good is the connection to public transport? …

  • The pandemic brings location back into focus

    The Corona crisis forces us to rethink physical space and our knowledge of it. Hot spots, distances, propagation, extent and proximity. Suddenly we have to consciously think about the "where" of it.  It has become essential for us to know which …

  • RWIS-App Helps Driver to Cope With Snow and Ice

    From an ice alarm system to the snow plow: The international Swiss company Boschung makes special vehicles and electronic systems for a smooth winter service at airports, roads and cities. The company has precise weather data and information on the state of …

  • Why Companies Can Hardly Do Without Maps Anymore

    These days, map software is used in almost every company. Many applications are based on proven Google Maps technology. With our certified experts Linda Schaumburg (LS) and David Fricke (DF), we talked about how garbage collection is more efficient with the …

  • Mokli: an Interactive Guide for Young People in Need

    Karuna is a Berlin-based aid organization that supports children and young people who live on the street and/or who are suffering from or at risk of addiction by providing them with a broad spectrum of advice.  In addition to providing individual support …

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