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Während dem Red Bull X-Alps 2023 Rennen ist ein Gleitschirmflieger über den Alpen zu sehen.

Immersive experiences and storytelling with data & location technology

The versatility of data and location technologies is particularly evident in the area of storytelling. They can be used to develop applications that tell exciting, interactive stories, bring events very close to fans, convey content in a playful way, and make even remote regions a digital experience. This creates stories that are remembered and boosts the emotional closeness between users and the brands.

Immersive sports marketing with cloud and maps

Live tracking puts you right in the middle of the action: That's our motto when it comes to fan experiences in sports. With custom software, we bring events like the Red Bull X-Alps and the Tour de France to life in real time, even for fans who can't be on site. The key to a digital sports event that is memorable: Live data on the athletes on user-friendly 2D or 3D maps, accompanied by up-to-date statistics and background information.

Making complex knowledge accessible

How can complex topics be presented in such a way that users can access them easily and enjoy exploring the content? Data and location technology provides the necessary software toolbox. This makes it possible to develop extraordinary applications, such as Google Earth's Voyager content platform, which conveys complex knowledge in interactive stories.

Travel regions from afar

Fancy a dive? Data and location technology makes it possible. Google Earth's Voyager content platform takes users on an interactive journey to the underwater world of the Galapagos Islands. This is just one of many examples of how destinations and places of longing can be brought to life digitally.

Our strengths in developing immersive applications

We bring data to life – in applications that tell stories and create special brand experiences. Our services include the processing of data and the design, development, and implementation of custom software.

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Our custom software for special brand experiences

  • Fast Forward & High Up: Red Bull X-Alps 2023

    One of the toughest adventure races celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. For the third time, we are accompanying the event with 2D and 3D tracking, which we have expanded this year with exciting features.

  • Start screen of the web app on smartphone

    Ennis Elbe-Abenteuer: Family-friendly web app for regional tourism

    The Kurs Elbe project aims to make the stretch of the Elbe between Hamburg and Wittenberge more attractive as a destination for excursions - especially for families and children. Together, we developed the web app "Enni's Elbe Adventure," which makes it possible to experience the region by means of microadventures.