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Knowing your customers means doing better business

Many retailers already have an immense body of data. Yet not all of them systematically exploit the enormous potential that this data offers. Such as delivering valuable insights into business processes and information on how customers behave when making purchases.

Customer data is the key for an improved shopping experience: fewer frictional losses, increased convenience, tailored services and a high level of personalization throughout the purchasing process. Location intelligence, combined with the now abundantly available operational and customer data, allow retailers to increase their efficiency. And their customers an easier and more individual purchasing experience than ever before.

Our services for stationery retailers

  • Optimization of the checkouts of online stores: minimization of aborted purchases thanks to rapid checkout; automatic completion and checking of address data for reliable address quality from the outset
  • Store locator, Packstation (parcel pickup point) finder & Package finder: Maps showing nearest branch and shortest route for free choice of transport mode, Packstation finder with pickup or return station, covering multiple providers
  • Product locator: Map showing store branches in which specific products are available in stock
Retail Ecommerce Location Intelligence Ubilabs

Our Google solutions for retailers

  • Comprehensive access to data and content from Google via the Google Maps Platform including Google address data, local businesses data and routing for entirely new and diverse applications
  • Google Cloud as the basic infrastructure for app development plus data gathering and processing 
  • Google Maps for local data content and for creating location-based applications


  • More efficient and successful through address data validation

    Typos in the address, a missing or incorrect name: Inaccurate address data can have expensive consequences. Address data validation using Google Maps offers a fast and cost-effective way to correct address data and display it correctly on the map.

  • Interview: Google Maps in 3D - Next Generation Maps

    The Google Maps API can now be used to create 3D maps. This was one of the most important news at the Google I/O developer conference. On behalf of Google, we tested the APIs in advance and developed two demo applications. Martin Schuhfuss, Creative Developer at Ubilabs, talks about the collaboration with Google and the possible applications.

  • How to visualize data on Google Maps with

    Visualizing large datasets on a map is not easy, you say? In this article, our developer Robert shows how to do just that in 160 lines of JavaScript using on Google Maps, loading data from Google Sheets. We are going to use a large open dataset with …

  • Styled Maps: Interactive Map Design – Without Coding

    Colorize the background differently, highlight roads and the topography, or on the contrary, create a bare minimum design. It is fun to design maps according to one’s own ideas and requirements. The best thing about it: with the right tools, you …

  • New Maps feature for better conversions

    Which customer does not want to know in what kind of neighborhood his future home or the booked hotel is located? Previously a complicated switch between different websites, the new Google Maps feature Local Context makes it easy: local information can …