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Process optimization in production through targeted use of production data

Production generates a lot of data that is as diverse as the processes themselves. From machine data and inventory data to data from the supply chain: if you collect, analyze and react quickly to this data, you can optimize processes and save costs effeciently.

Using data to optimize processes

A holistic view of your own production data is essential for data-based decision-making. Having an overview of all data enables employees to make the most effective individual decisions. With a “single source of truth”, you pave the way to mastering the individual challenges of your company, optimizing production processes and thus saving costs.

Respond to changes in real time

In production plants, it is important to react to errors, bottlenecks and failures at an early stage. With our software solutions, you can analyze your data in real time and react efficiently to changes in the process. Our applications enable decisions to be made across all departments on the basis of verified data. This allows you to minimize downtimes, adapt production processes to the current situation, simplify personnel planning and intercept delivery bottlenecks.

Individual visualizations for quick decisions

Our visualizations make it easier for employees from all departments to react quickly to changes in the production process. We work with you to create reports and dashboards, for example in the BI tool Looker - tailored to your company. With our software solutions for visualizing complex real-time production data, decision-makers can act quickly and based on data. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into existing systems and tools, for which we also create customized modules and reports.

Our custom solutions for your challenges

Data engineering

Are you already collecting your data or would like to start doing so, but don't yet have a way of bringing data from different sources together in one place? We support you in finding the right tool for your requirements and accompany you on the entire data journey from extracting the data to data processing and data visualization. So that you can act with foresight, make data-based decisions and avoid errors and downtime before they disrupt operations.

Learn more about data engineering

Supply chain management

Process optimization does not start in the production facility. Processes within the supply chain should also be evaluated in order to increase efficiency. Our solutions, which are individually tailored to your company, facilitate your personnel planning, slot management and inventory management and enable automated order management. Your supplier performance management also benefits from our solutions, for example with an automated rating system for suppliers.

Optimize your supply chain management

Asset tracking

Tracking assets using sensor and tracking data provides you with a precise overview of your production facility in real time. You always have an overview of machines, stock levels and much more. We support you in bundling and analyzing the data from your production facility and reacting to problems in real time. We use BI tools to query the accumulated data in real time and make it available for analysis. Our visualizations in dashboards and reports make data analysis easier for employees at every level.

More about asset tracking

Loading station optimization

Based on real-time data from your delivery fleet, you can use our solutions to optimize your loading and unloading processes. By combining tracking data from your fleet or assets with data on the utilization of your loading and unloading stations, processes can be started automatically, transport vehicles can be routed efficiently and personnel can be optimally distributed. With our solutions, you always know when goods arrive where and at which stations personnel are needed. This helps you avoid long waiting times and simplifies personnel planning at your loading stations.

Custom visualizations & reporting tools

We create our visualizations individually for your requirements. We consult with you regularly during the design and programming phases. We use BI tools such as Looker, for example, to visualize the large amounts of data in a production facility, but we also create tailor-made modules in existing systems. Thanks to our software solutions, you can quickly identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and sources of error. The reports are intuitive and particularly user-friendly so that all employees can easily use them and act on the basis of the data.

Experience our operational dashboards

What we offer:

  • Seamless connection to existing processes, systems and software
  • Scalable solutions - also perfect for growing companies and start-ups
  • Functionalities are provided individually and in line with requirements
  • Individual solutions, tailored to the challenges of your company
  • as an independent partner, we advise you on the right tools for you
  • Many years of experience in the analysis and visualization of data
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Use Case spotlight: F.S. Fehrer Automotive

With the help of interactive dashboards, we have recreated one of F.S. Fehrer Automotive's production facilities in the BI tool Looker. These dashboards deliver the accumulated data almost in real time and enable employees at all levels to carry out analyses and optimizations of ongoing processes.

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