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Consultancy for Data and Location Technology

As experts for data analytics and location intelligence, we offer consulting around Google Cloud and Google Maps, as well as for the development of individual interactive map applications.

Where next?

How will we live, work and be mobile? How do we make the right decisions and do business responsibly? As a consultancy for data & location technology, we work on solutions that shape our digital future and make life more mobile, intelligent and sustainable.

Our Focus

We make tomorrow mobile, sustainable and intelligent. As experts for Data & Location Technology, we create individual solutions with measurable added value for visionary companies.


New Mobility

Few things have evolved so rapidly in recent years as mobility. Without location-based data, these developments would scarcely have been possible. With the power of data and location technology, we help businesses to design their mobility systems more efficiently and more sustainably – for smart ecosystems, intermodal travel offerings, and needs-optimized fleet management.

Smart City

Smart Cities

More and more people, more and more cars – and constantly less space or air to breathe. Thanks to the global trend towards urbanization, major cities are bursting at the seams. So it’s understandable that in its sustainability objectives the United Nations is focusing above all on cities.



How can tech companies help create a better world? How can they promote sustainability? Make greater economic prosperity possible? Conserve the natural world for future generations? Our response: with relevant data, interactive maps, effective analyses and easy-to-use applications.

Successful projects