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Live-Tracking von Assets mit Data & Location Technology bei Ubilabs

Live tracking of assets with data & location technology

Whether it's tracking vehicles, goods, or individuals, live tracking poses a number of technological challenges. With our expertise in data and location technologies, we enable our customers to track their assets performantly in real time and to draw insights from the data obtained. With solutions tailored to their individual requirements, they can optimize their processes in transport and logistics, make their mission planning more efficient, and bring live events particularly close to the fans.

Tracking ship traffic in real time

Equipped with the right technology, companies can easily track their assets. In a joint research project with HVCC, for example, we analyzed the movements of barges and visualized the historical and real-time data in Looker dashboards.

Bringing sports events to life

Live tracking in sports: the key to fan experiences that get stuck in their heads. For Red Bull X-Alps and the Tour de France, we developed immersive web applications where athletes could be followed via live tracking on 2D and 3D maps in real time – from the comfort of home or on the go.

Unseren Kunden tiramizoo betreuten wir im Umzug auf Google Maps Platform und verhalfen ihm so zu deutlich effizienterer Same-Day-Delivery.

Optimizing logistics on the last mile

Reliable route calculation, automated delivery planning and real-time notifications - with the right use of the Google Maps Platform, these logistics management challenges can be reliably solved. We supported our customer tiramizoo in moving to the platform and helped them achieve significantly more efficient same-day delivery.

Our strength in the development of live tracking solutions

With our experienced team of developers and consultants we develop individual, award-winning solutions for live tracking of assets.

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What live tracking can do

  • Fast Forward & High Up: Red Bull X-Alps 2023

    One of the toughest adventure races celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. For the third time, we are accompanying the event with 2D and 3D tracking, which we have expanded this year with exciting features.

  • Data fuels shared mobility providers

    Mobility creates data. And data leads to better mobility. Sharing providers need an up-to-date overview of the utilization and idle times of their fleets in order to be able to react quickly to acute changes and usage trends in real time. We have supported sharing providers with individual data solutions to make their business models fit for the future.

  • Red Bull X-Alps: Right in the middle of the action with live tracking

    One of the toughest adventure races in the world starts on June 20: the Red Bull X-Alps. Fans can be up close and personal - via a web application in 3D, with cockpit feeling and wind sounds. We combine live tracking data with individual statistics on all athletes and visualize them in real time on an interactive map.