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Google Maps API

Using Google Maps

How companies are successfully using Google Maps in apps and websites

On course for success with the leading map service

With one billion users per month, Google Maps is the market-leading map service. Maps of more than 200 countries and territories are available. 25 million updates per day provide real-time access to accurate location information.

Google Maps is not only popular with personal users. Google Maps is used worldwide by companies as a basis for customized applications to make location-related data visible, tangible, and usable.

Tour Planning

Use in companies from all industries

Whether logistics and transport, tourism, real estate, or retail and e-commerce: Interactive maps are important levers for optimizing internal and external processes, gaining greater visibility, and securing competitive advantages.

Companies use Google Maps to integrate customized maps into their online shops, websites, apps, and business software.

Google Maps platform combines all map services

With Google Maps, Google Places, and Google Routes, the Google Maps Platform includes all services necessary for the integration of interactive maps and many applications – from asset tracking to route optimization.

Using Google Maps professionally

Google Maps

For companies: use of Google Maps

Here you will find all of the information about the use of Google Maps by companies. Find out how to visualize business figures, find locations on a map, and better manage your sales force.

Google Maps for companies
Google Maps APIs

For developers: guides & updates for Google Maps

Find out in our Google Maps API knowledge base which APIs you need in order to develop an app for a delivery service and what the most important Google Maps features are.

Google Maps APIs & SDKs
Google Maps Partner

Google Maps Platform: costs and price model

For the professional use of Google Maps, a Google account is required. Here you can learn about the terms on which you can use Google Maps and what advantages we offer you as a Google Cloud Partner.

Cost of Google Maps APIs

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What is the Google Maps Platform?

Google combines its services and APIs for interactive map applications in the Google Maps Platform. Anyone who wants to use map applications with Google Maps must create a billing account – either online directly with Google or through us as a Google Cloud Partner.

Find out more about Google Maps Platform

What does it cost to use Google Maps?

Google provides each user with US$200 of credit for the use of the APIs within the Google Maps Platform. Any use of the Google Maps Services in excess of this amount will be billed via a user account on the basis of usage.

Free download: Overview of the services and pricing of the Google Maps Platform

How do I integrate the Google Maps Platform into my app or website?

The first step is to create a user account in the Google Cloud Platform Console and store your credit card details there. You will then receive an API key, which you can use to link your use of the platform in a domain or app to your account. Alternatively, we can provide you with a user account – with convenient invoices and without the need for a credit card.

Find out more about integration

Partner advantages for license distribution and consulting

We are a leading Google Cloud Partner specializing in Google Maps in German-speaking countries – and offer you a number of advantages:

  • Google Cloud from a single source: Maps, Cloud, Looker and Google Workspace
  • Price advantages especially for larger volumes
  • Free US$200 credit for Google Maps usage
  • Personal consulting on the integration and optimal ROI of Google Maps
  • Reliable support from dedicated contact person 
  • Payment by invoice instead of credit card
  • For corporations: framework agreements & settlement to cost centers

Further answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

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