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Screenshot der Safer Cities Map von Plan International, entwickelt von Ubilabs

Focus on location: Locator apps for companies

Be it store locators, product finders or location planning tools – companies from a wide range of industries can easily make use of their location data. With locator apps, they can visualize sites, stores, products, or similar information on an interactive map and make them accessible to users. For an improved customer experience, easier location planning and increased interactivity.

Optimizing customer experience in retail

Huge amounts of dealer data worldwide – this calls for a dealer locator that performs smoothly and is easy to use for customers. As part of a website relaunch, we gave Continental's dealer locator a new design, UX, and new features - for an optimized customer experience.

Simplify site planning

Hardly anywhere are the demands on site planning as high as in the fire department, as emergencies have to be dealt with in the shortest possible time. With our custom software, the Düsseldorf fire department is able to carry out reachability analyses for the rescue service and emergency response in seconds, instead of the months-long collaboration with planning offices that used to be required.

Community maps for a better world

Interactive locator apps are the ideal medium for customer loyalty and community engagement. More and more companies and NGOs are taking advantage of this potential - in the form of interactive maps to which users can actively contribute content. From Greenpeace's Reuse Revolution Map to Plan International's Safer Cities Map - we provide map expertise as a development partner.

Turn retail into an experience with store finders

Finding the nearest store and all its important information in just a few steps: PUMA makes this possible for its customers with a new international store finder. We supported the sporting goods manufacturer with the concept, design, and development. With the help of various Google Cloud and Google Maps services, users can not only find stores, but also opening hours, user reviews and directions - for an optimized customer experience.

Our strength in the development of locator apps

For classic locator apps, we display static data on an interactive map. In addition to the development of a backend for content maintenance, this also includes an editorial system, the display of information with markers, and interaction options for users.

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