Interactive maps for your business

As the specialists for developing maps applications, we support businesses of all industries in achieving their goals – to make well-founded decisions, optimize their processes, or inspire their users.

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Customized map applications

As an independent technology partner and maps expert, we’ll develop a web application that is specifically tailored to your needs, no matter the industry or use case. What our applications have in common is the interactive map taking center stage. It combines data, interface, and user in one and is therefore the perfect medium – for live-tracking applications for sports events just as well as for workforce management solutions.

Solutions for every industry

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The mobility industry is on the move. We support providers and cities with:

  • Consulting on optimal data acquisition and processing
  • Individual software for data analysis & visualization
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Supply chain, last mile, package tracking: Optimized processes are crucial in logistics. We develop solutions for:

Sports Icon

How can you inspire fans of outdoor sports events? With live tracking applications that get them right in the middle of the action – as we did for:

Retail E-commerce Icon

From POS to omnichannel: We develop software for retail & e-commerce players and their customers:

  • Store Locator
  • Package Finder
  • Solutions for customer tracking, location planning, and geomarketing
Weather Sustainability Icon

How does the climate influence humans and vice versa? Maps applications are a great solution to show the effects:  

  • Interactive climate maps (e.g. for MDR
  • Weather layers on an interactive globe (Google Earth / Earth Studio)
  • Solutions for sustainable shopping 
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How can you inspire your users? With creative storytelling! And that's how we’ve already implemented it: 

Our expertise: Software development with maps

With 13 years of experience in developing map-based web applications: 

  • We select the best technology stack for your use case and develop your solution in an agile way.
  • We know how important a good user interface is. With easy handling comes great user experience – no matter if it’s a B2B or B2C environment.
  • We advise you independently on the different map providers – whether Google Maps, Mapbox or OpenStreetMap.

Our customers and projects

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