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In comparison: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

In the competition between cloud platforms, no real winner has emerged for all sectors, industries and purposes. After all, the market and its potential customers is complex, to say the least, and comprises a multitude of different business use cases.

Already at the beginning of 2020, Google Cloud was almost on a par with the other two players in the "Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services". 

Rather, the topic of the multicloud is moving into focus: the cloud platforms are also becoming increasingly interoperable and are developing different strengths for different application scenarios. Cross-platform processes therefore present hardly any hurdles. None of the platforms has significant weaknesses now – all providers guarantee a solid foundation. Ultimately, it all comes down to objectives: what is to be created on them determines which foundation is the best. The key to success here is how this foundation – the cloud architecture – is planned.

Source: Gartner

Advantages of Google Cloud

Google Cloud is the first choice, in particular, when it comes to secure data and data processes,
e.g. for

  • big data BI applications
  • map applications based on map data with Google Maps
  • AI algorithms.

Google clearly demonstrates its expertise as a company whose main business model is based on processing unimaginably large volumes of data, and provides a complete, fully developed platform tool for this. In 2019 Google hired none other than Thomas Kurian as CEO of Google Cloud. Other personnel decisions by Google are also underpinning a specific strategic direction for database systems.

Costs of IT Transformation: Cloud wins over hardware purchases

The success of the cloud has always been based on the approach of not having to purchase new hardware, systems and licenses every year in order to cope with growing demands and increasing load peaks. Compared to on-premise solutions, which require constant new purchases, it is more economical and efficient, while resources are scalable and can be called up as required. This has the advantage that the costs are based on the degree of use. In the long term, the cost benefits for companies are obvious.  

Learn more about prices and cost planning with Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Consulting & Implementation

Longstanding Google Cloud Premier Partner

In 2012 we reached the highest level of qualification as a Google Cloud Premier Partner. In addition, we specialize in data analytics and we are the leading Google partner in German-speaking countries in the area of location-based services.

What we offer in detail:

Infrastructure Modernization 

Google Cloud offers flexible approaches to infrastructure modernization – whether it’s a change

of host or a complete platform change.

We support companies in particular through

- VM Migration zu Anthos & Google Kubernetes Engine

- VM Migration Google Compute Engine 

Application Modernization & Application Development

To realize the full potential of the cloud, companies need to think beyond the lift and shift principle. In hybrid and multi-cloud environments, applications can be modernized and rebuilt flexibly and securely.

Download: 4 Steps into the Cloud 

Our specialization: Data Analytics

As a certified partner, we rely on Google Cloud for data analysis. With its big data technologies,
the Google Cloud Platform (CGP) is the ideal environment for dealing with the complexity of large
amounts of data from different data sources. Regardless of workload, GCP provides a secure, scalable and reliable infrastructure in which business-critical data analytics solutions can be built and maintained.

Our Focus in the area of Big Data Analytics & Smart Analytics: 

Data Warehouse Modernization for faster work at lower cost

Business Intelligence with Looker, to link, analyze and visualize data on a large scale

Streaming Data Analytics for real-time use of data

Learn more about Big Data Analytics

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An important issue: Security and privacy

As companies move to the cloud, they must protect sensitive data while complying with complex regulatory requirements, frameworks and policies. Google provides its own, established infrastructure, which makes GCP particularly efficient and reliable. Google invests more than two billion dollars a year in the area of cloud security alone. Google Cloud supports corporate compliance efforts through industry-leading security, third-party testing and certification, comprehensive documentation and legal compliance.

Learn more about Google Cloud Security

Google Cloud & the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Carbon Neutral with the Google Cloud

Back in 2012, Google set itself the goal of covering 100% of its energy needs with renewable energies. That target was achieved in 2017. This means that every year Google either purchases the amount of energy it consumes worldwide from renewable resources or offsets the emissions with certificates. Google is the world’s largest buyer of renewable energy, purchasing more than 2.6 gigawatts of renewable energy each year.

Our blogpost about carbon neutrality with Google Cloud 

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