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Eine Solaranlage im Meer vor einer Küste, aufgenommen aus der Luft

Energy & Environment: Revolutionizing an industry with data

How can companies make their processes more resource-friendly and their operations more transparent? How can they contribute to sustainable supply chains? How can they take climate change into account and operate successfully at the same time? Our answer: with relevant climate and environmental data, effective analyses, and easy-to-use applications.

An industry facing new challenges

Icon mit einem Solarpanel und einer Sonne, die darauf strahlt

Integration and analysis of environmental data

Data provides facts – and a basis for decision-making. If companies have access to large amounts of climate, weather, and environmental data and know how to use it, they can optimize their operational processes and make strategic decisions based on data. With customized software solutions and proper data integration, they can leverage this data to optimize site planning, increase resource efficiency, and predict and manage weather-related risks to their processes.

Data for sustainable urban development

Urban spaces are constantly changing. To be and remain fit for the future, cities face the challenge of shaping this change in a sustainable way. The planning and implementation of sustainable urban development projects require comprehensive data on weather and climate, solar potential, energy, construction, and mobility, as well as customized software to collect and visualize this data. This enables suitable test areas to be identified and measures to be decided based on data.

Screenshot einer Anwendung von Ubilabs, mit der der Klimawandel interaktiv erkundet werden kann

Monitoring and analyzing climate change

The climate is changing. But how can companies, public institutions, and end consumers stay on top of climate change and incorporate it into their processes and decisions? The solution lies in precise data on climate change based on scientific findings, as well as software solutions for analysis and visualization – in a form that is accessible and understandable even for non-scientists.

Shaping sustainable supply chains

To operate successfully in the long term, companies need stability and risk awareness. One lever for minimizing risks is designing a sustainable supply chain that enables companies to reduce their environmental impact and assume social responsibility – leading to reduced costs, increased efficiency, and greater loyalty from stakeholders and customers. With relevant data and innovative visualization tools, companies can monitor global supply chains and make decisions for a more sustainable setup.

Greater transparency through interactive data communication

Many companies are aware of their responsibility and are investing in the future with fair procurement, energy-efficient technologies and processes, waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable product development. To successfully communicate these measures and their impact to stakeholders and end consumers, solutions are needed that make the complex interrelationships accessible and understandable, thereby raising public awareness.

Our custom solutions with environmental data

Screenshot einer Storytelling-Anwendung von Ubilabs, mit der der Klimawandel verständlich aufbereitet wird

Custom software for storytelling

Our environment and the changing climate are among the most discussed topics of our time, with many different opinions and perspectives. What helps in this discussion is sound knowledge translated into easily accessible and understandable content. Our storytelling applications make it possible for more and more people to understand the most important climate factors and for you to easily communicate your company's climate-related measures.

Explore our storytelling solutions

Disaster forecast and recovery

Data can help save lives. The key to this is applications that process and visualize data so that it is quickly available and intuitive to use in emergencies and critical situations. With our many years of expertise in data and location technology, we develop software that enables public institutions to respond more quickly to disasters and pandemics, monitor movement patterns in emergencies, and make society more resilient with targeted measures.

Screenshot einer Wetterkarte von Ubilabs, die aktuelle und historische Daten interaktiv darstellt

Weather maps

From storms to pollen counts, a weather map needs to do more than just show precipitation and temperature for the next few days. Users expect more and more information. They not only want to be prepared for everyday life, but also want to reliably plan trips and vacations. This requires robust historical and real-time data as well as a map interface that visualizes the complex data intuitively. Together with partners such as, we develop customized solutions that meet your requirements and the expectations of your users – for real added value and long-term customer loyalty.

Discover our weather maps

Discovering solar potential

Solar energy is one of our most important renewable energy sources. Intelligent technological solutions are needed to exploit its full potential – for companies and end users alike. With software that makes the right data accessible and understandable, solar potential can be evaluated more easily, the planning time for photovoltaic systems can be greatly reduced, and system locations can be prioritized more effectively. This leads to more efficient and sustainable energy use.

Our expertise with environmental data:

We are proud to use our expertise in Data & Location Technology to provide significant added value for projects that promote climate protection, enable resource conservation, and facilitate disaster relief. With customized solutions tailored to the challenges of your company:

  • seamless connection to existing processes, systems and software
  • functionalities are provided individually and in line with requirements
  • as an independent partner, we advise you on suitable data sources and technologies
  • extensive experience in the analysis and visualization of data
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What individual solutions with environmental data make possible

  • Screenshot aus der Demo zu Googles neuer Pollen API

    Focus on environmental data: Google expands its Maps portfolio

    At Next '23, Google presented three new APIs on pollen, air quality, and solar energy. In this interview, Patrick Mast, project manager at Ubilabs, gives us insight into the benefits of the APIs and the potential of Google's sustainability initiative.

  • Satellitenbild der Erde

    Earth Engine moves businesses toward a more sustainable future

    Google Earth Engine helps NGOs & research teams to visualize, measure and analyze changes on Earth. Since 2022, the platform is also commercially available. Ubilabs supports as the only Google partner in DACH in deployment and implementation.