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Google Maps Costs & Support

As a leading Google Cloud Premier Partner specializing in Google Maps in the German-speaking world, we offer you advantages such as payment on account, price advantages, especially for higher volumes, and personal advice.

The Google Maps Platform provides companies and developers with a range of innovative and powerful tools, the Google Maps APIs. These enable you to integrate maps, routes, location and environmental information into your applications. These APIs allow users to use precise geographical data and attractive map displays. The cost of using Google Maps in a website or application depends on the number of monthly map views and the services used.

Pricing of the Google Maps Platform

The costs of the Google Maps Platform are staggered. A contingent of requests up to 200 USD per month is provided by Google and therefore costs you nothing. If you use the Google Maps services beyond this amount, it will be charged based on usage. This means that you only pay for what you use. The price scale is based on the number of requests made to your Google Maps APIs per month. If you use Google Maps directly, you have access to two price scales; if you work with us as a reselling partner, you have full access to all seven price scales of the Google Maps Platform. This saves you a lot of money, especially if you have a high volume of requests. In addition, our maps specialists are available to advise you.

Optimizing costs and usage

You are using the Google Maps Platform and want to reduce your costs? Our Google Maps experts are available to help you directly and on an equal footing, and will examine your use of the Google Maps Platform in detail – always with the aim of finding the most cost-effective way for you to use your map.

Our billing service

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we can offer you customized framework agreements. In addition, you have the option of paying by invoice instead of credit card and splitting invoices between cost centers. We also offer you attractive price advantages, especially for higher usage volumes.

  • Access to all 7 price scales of the Google Maps Platform
  • Flexible billing by department or cost center
  • Monthly postpaid billing or annual prepaid budget
  • Various payment terms depending on support level
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Invoicing instead of credit card and in euros instead of dollars

Our support services

Our advice is tailored to your individual use case, whether you are new to the Google Maps Platform or want to optimize your existing integration. Our Google Maps experts will work with you to find the best way to use the platform.

  • Onboarding: You will receive a personalized introduction to the Google Maps Platform
  • Ideation & industry-specific best practices
  • Individual cost and usage optimization
  • Technical advice on Google Maps APIs
  • Compliance & Terms Consulting
  • Personal advice on integrating and optimizing the ROI of Google Maps