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Back to Business with MapsIndoors Lite

With corona restrictions being lifted, companies are facing the challenge of getting their employees back to the office as smoothly and safely as possible. With MapsIndoors Lite, we provide a digital solution for workplace planning in collaboration with our partners at MapsPeople.

Digital indoor plans for a smooth transition back to the office

How can employers facilitate the return to the office workplace, taking into account the current regulations on hygiene and social distancing? With a lite version of the trusted indoor navigation platform MapsIndoors, we help companies redesign their existing office layout in collaboration with our partners at MapsPeople – for the ideal utilization of available desks and intelligent routing to avoid crowded areas. 

Are your employees about to transition back from home office to working at the office? To hear more about MapsIndoors Lite, contact our CEO Jens Wille.

Highlights of the digital indoor plan:

  • 100% remote setup
  • Ready in 7 days
  • Full outline of new office layouts and available desks
  • Flexible route guidance to avoid overcrowded areas
  • Custom visualization of areas with different regulations

The indoor plan can easily be customized with additional geo solutions, e.g. for navigation and data analytics purposes:

  • Seamless navigation (door-to-door) from home to the workplace across all modes of transport
  • Individual maps style in the corporate identity of your company
  • Data analytics of mobility and movement patterns
  • Applications for traffic flow control, parking management, and ride-pooling 
  • Integration of sensor technology for monitoring free parking space capacities