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Hack for good! We will develop Refugee Maps and other helpful applications


Code The Road Hackathon: Ubilabs and Google Aim to Improve the Situation of Refugees

Millions of people around the world want to help refugees and migrants affected by the crisis in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. The best way to help is to use your expertise We’re providing the developer community with the opportunity to help out in a meaningful way.

The improvements that you build can help improve Refugee lives. In cooperation with the Google Maps team we invite developers to put their skills to use at a 24-hour hackathon. The goal is to develop innovative solutions to lend a hand in the Syrian Refugee Crisis. During this 24-hour hackathon, the experts will work in groups to brainstorm how existing platforms like Crisis Info Hub, Refugee Maps and more can be expanded and improved and reach even more people impacted by the crisis. A local NGO will contribute with a keynote on how to help Refugees in their everyday activities. We will explain our Refugee Map that we develop together with Google. We are looking forward to the event and are really excited to see what we will achieve all together.

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