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  • 90's NYC Tour Guide (Source: Sergii Rodionov)
  • The Evolution of the Web (Source:
  • Scaling the Mount Everest (Source: Washington Post)
  • Trees in Hamburg, Germany (Source: Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung Hamburg)


From the Evolution of the Web to NYC in the 90’s – Enjoy Our Pick of the Week

Look up regional farmers markets in Germany, what NYC was like in the 90’s and be surprised by the exact coverage of each tree in Hamburg.

As we are fans of Mount Everest and the surrounding region (like Khumbu), we want to share this interactive graphic by the Washington Post. Scroll along the icy path to see what climbers will experience on Everest’s South Col, the most popular route up the mountain. Here you can see how green Hamburg is – get an overview of every tree in public space. If you prefer to purchase regional food this interactive map will help you to find the best weekly markets in Germany. And don’t miss the 90’s tourist guide for NYC and get an idea of the changes the city underwent after 9/11. And our last interactive graphic is really fundamental: the evolution of the web.