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  • Clemens Gerth, Senior Business Development Manager at Ubilabs, hosted GeoNight #2. (Photo: Ubilabs)
  • Meetup style: Snacks and drinks sponsored by Carto. (Photo: onbyrd)
  • Christina Elmer offered insights on working as a data journalist at SPIEGEL ONLINE. (Photo: onbyrd)
  • Tim Marston did a live analysis of the Brexit election results with Carto. (Photo: onbyrd)


GeoNight #2: Storytelling and data analysis with maps

After its successful kick-off in March, GeoNight Hamburg came back with its second edition on June 28th. This time’s top speakers were SPIEGEL ONLINE’s Christina Elmer and Carto’s Tim Marston. The meetup again took place in Mindspace Hamburg and was organized by Ubilabs, onbyrd and Familonet.

Christina Elmer leads the data journalism team at SPIEGEL ONLINE and is a member of its editorial board. She used her meetup slot to show how her team uses maps to bring stories to life. The cases demonstrated the challenge of mapping data and creating comprehensible, yet entertaining visualizations.

Tim Marston, Head of European Partnerships at Carto, talked about how to use maps for data analysis and the advantages that come with this. In a live analysis of data on the Brexit election results, he showed how powerful a tool maps can be for visualizing and analyzing data with a spatial reference.

We’re so happy about the positive feedback we’ve received so far on GeoNight #2 and hope for many more installments of this event.