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New Google Earth: The world at your fingertips

After two years in the making, it’s finally here: the new Google Earth. Maintaining the magic of the classic app, Google has revamped Earth visually and functionally. Ubilabs assisted bringing Voyager into existence, Earth’s exciting new storytelling platform. With its refresh, Google Earth is built to inspire curious minds to explore, learn, and care about our vast, fragile planet.

Putting storytelling front and center

Explorers unite! With its all-round refresh, Google Earth will not only take you places, but wants to encourage you to explore the stories behind them. With its content partners, Google stocked up Voyager with fascinating map-based stories taking place around the globe. Updated weekly, these stories will cover themes such as travel, nature, culture, and history.

Story Time: Earth View & Miniatur Wunderland

We’ve been waiting impatiently for Google Earth’s launch day and are excited to finally share our stories with you. Two of our favorite projects, Earth View and the Miniatur Wunderland Street View Trek, made it into the new Google Earth and are waiting to be explored.

Via markers on the globe, you can access the high-quality satellite images of Earth View showing areas of exceptional beauty from above. The unique color bar navigation makes the discovery of bizarre rock formations or fields looking like gigantic patchwork quilts all the more fun.

From high above to down below: Voyager also lets you explore the miniature worlds built in Miniatur Wunderland in an exciting new way. We connected real places around the globe with their tiny renditions in the model railway world, inviting you on a tour through the valleys of the Grand Canyon, past Mount Rushmore, and to a soccer match in Hamburg’s stadium.

The all-new Google Earth is now available via Chrome at and as an Android app via the Google Play store. It’s also coming to iOS soon.

UPDATE: On August 2nd Google brought the new version of Google Earth to iOS. Download the app in iTunes.