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Google Earth Live Cases mit Küstenlandschaften und Eisformationen (Quelle:


Google Earth Live Cases for Google's Pixel Phone

Fans of Google Earth View can look forward to hold the world's most beautiful landscapes in their hands. Google has launched Google Earth Live Cases with the most beautiful images from Google Earth View – from the ice formations of Antarctica to the beaches of the South Pacific.

The protective covers are available for Pixel, Phone by Google. The Live Case designs extend to your home screen through Live Case’s companion wallpaper. Every day, a new wallpaper from the curated collection of Google Earth is shown – and with a click, the favorites can be explored in the Google Maps app. We are pleased that this project, which we were allowed to implement on behalf of Google, made its way around the web. And now, in addition to the backdrops in the browser and on smartphones as well as smartphone packaging, there will be a visible and stylish protection for the Pixel Phone.

There is just one little drop of bitterness: The Google Earth Live Cases are currently only available in the US.