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  • So proud: As soon as the Webby Awards arrived via mail, we had to do a little photoshoot.
  • The innovative color bar navigation in our “Google Earth View” story earned us the Webby Award for “Best User Experience” on a website.


And the Internet Oscar goes to: Ubilabs & Google Earth Voyager!

Four awards for two of our projects – we’ve never been as successful at a Webby Awards show as in 2018. We’re immensely proud about the many awards our Google Earth Voyager stories “Google Earth View” and “Total Eclipse of the Sun” earned.

Opening up new perspectives

We were nominated with two Google Earth Voyager stories that helped the user see the world from a new perspective. “Google Earth View” shows earth from above in beautiful satellite images, while the story “Total Eclipse of the Sun” offers an interactive experience of the solar eclipse in August 2017.

The stunning Earth View images can be browsed in a very special way in the Voyager story that we build for Google. A color bar makes for an innovative navigation through the images and the connected places on earth. The users seemed to love this feature just as much as the jury: In the category “Best User Experience” we won both the People’s Voice Award and the jury prize.

The solar eclipse was a major event in 2017, especially in the USA. For this occasion, we developed a Voyager story that interactively educated users about the eclipse and visualized the movement of the moon’s shadow across the earth. “Total Eclipse of the Sun” was the most popular Google Earth Voyager story of last year and earned Webby Awards in the categories “Best Data Visualization” and “Technical Achievement”.

A big Thank You goes to everyone who voted for our stories and to the Google Earth project team at Ubilabs for their amazing work!