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New Project Launched: Scale Mont Blanc with Street View

Rising almost 5,000 meters above sea level, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps. Situated on the border between France and Italy, it is a magnet for mountaineers, climbers, skiers, and mountain bikers. Discover the fascination of this multifaceted part of the world with Google Street View. Accompany extreme athletes as they negotiate the dizzying heights.

Mont Blanc: the breathtaking beauty of raw nature

Every year, some 20,000 people climb Mont Blanc. It is especially popular on account of its multifaceted character. After all, it has two completely different faces: the north face is highly glaciated, whereas the south face is dominated by sheer cliffs that tower into the sky.  The Mont Blanc massif includes the ice-covered Dôme du Goûter, which can be reached via a mountain ridge with a sheer drop on both the left- and right-hand sides. Google is now dedicating a Street View Trek to this majestic region, with the spectacular shots coming courtesy of Sender Films. Ubilabs was tasked with the technical implementation of the microsite. 

Dramatic ascents and descents with six extreme athletes

This Street View Trek gives users the chance to explore the Mont Blanc massif in the company of six internationally renowned athletes. See a world of snow and ice through the eyes of legendary mountain guide Patrick Gabarrou, who already has more than 300 first ascents under his belt. Make your way up into the dizzying heights and savor breathtaking views in the company of two of the world’s best mountaineers: Frenchwoman Catherine Destivelle and Swiss Ueli Steck.

Witness the effects of climate change

Acclimatize at the Tête Rousse mountain refuge, which is situated at a height of 3,167 meters and serves as the first stop for many climbers on the Goûter route. Meet the Spaniard Kilian Jornet who holds the record for the fastest ascent and descent of Mont Blanc. The daredevil ski descents of Freestyle Champion Candide Thovex and World Champion Laetitia Roux will keep you on the edge of your seat. Alongside these sporting highlights, the Google Street View Trek will give you an insight into the effects of climate change on Mont Blanc and in the surrounding areas – in particular, how the glacier grows smaller every year.

Majestic videos and impressive 360° shots

The microsite gives viewers an idea of which sports are practiced where, and where each route leads. Impressive 360° panoramas and a 360° video offer magnificent views from the summit of Mont Blanc. Some of the athletes can be heard on the additional sound track, with videos further enhancing the live experience.

Following the journey to the Khumbu region, the ascent of El Capitan, and the tour of Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, this is the fourth trek that we have brought to life on behalf of Google.

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