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  • Using open-source data, our devs created 3D visualizations of Hamburg via Google Earth and
  • With our new LunchVote tool, finding a good lunch spot near our new office at Hamburg Central Station will be a piece of cake.


Hamburg in 3D & LunchVote tool // #UbiHacks

On the first Friday of each month, it’s "HackDay" time at Ubilabs, which involves working on small projects outside the daily client work. Our highlights in April were a 3D map of Hamburg and the LunchVote tool for our new office.

Open source for Hamburg in 3D

Open source data from Hamburg? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a small HackDay project! Our developers Natalya, Andreas, Philipp, and Frank took a closer look at the building data from Hamburg’s so-called Transparency Portal. Using Google Earth and, they created 3D visualizations of the whole of Hamburg.

What are we having for lunch today? Ask our LunchVote tool

Each day at 1 pm sharp, we meet for a short stand-up right before our lunch break. And then it’s always the same question: What are we having for lunch today? That’s why we’ve had our own LunchVote tool for quite a while now. With this tool, everyone can vote for their favorite lunch spots every day, making it super easy to find colleagues to join. With the move to our new office at Hamburg Central Station, we’ll soon find ourselves in a new neighborhood with different lunch places. So in order to make it easier to explore and try out new restaurants, our two developers Leslie and Elli updated the old tool with new locations and also launched a new feature during HackDay. For better orientation, all locations now also display which type of cuisine they offer. This makes the decision for burgers, Asian or Italian food even easier.