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  • Malte's after work workout
  • Malte is specialized in JavaScript and aims to create the best websites for our customers.
  • Malte at Vätternrundan 2016, the world's largest recreational bike ride (300 km!)


Malte Modrow: JavaScript, Maps, and Cues

Malte has been an integral part of our team for two years. As a front-end developer, he ensures functioning and user-friendly websites. His counterbalance to programming? Billiard, 300 kilometer bike races and music.

What do you do at Ubilabs? 
I have been a front-end web developer since January 2015 here at Ubilabs. In addition, I sometimes lead our weekly extravaganza*.

What do you exactly do every day? 
I am responsible for ensuring that websites work and look as they should. I mainly program in JavaScript and write HTML and CSS. However, nowadays the HTML and the CSS are generated more and more by JavaScript. I'll do that, too.

What do you like most about it?
There is no standstill. Each project is different and requires individual solutions. We always have new projects where you can test new technologies – and sometimes you have to.

What was your highlight here this year?
Our Street View project for a big event in the USA was very cool. And the beach sailing team event in St. Peter Ording was a lot of fun.

What do you particularly appreciate about Ubilabs?
The people – the interaction with each other is just perfect. And of course maps!

Your recommendation for a delicious lunch at Sternschanze?
If I had to choose one, it would be Jim Burrito.

If I do not work ...
… I play billiards in the Northern Germany League. I am a club member in a Hamburg based billiards club and have been playing in the amateur league for five years now. In addition, I have been road racing for almost two years. Furthermore I travel a lot. And attend concerts with guitars.

Thank you for the interview!

* Technology Extravaganza: This is an internal event taking place on Friday afternoons. We discuss the latest technologies and trends with a focus on development, maps and data visualization.