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  • The Refugee Project (Source:
  • The Global Overview 2014 (Source: Norwegian Refugee Council)
  • Flight Routes around the Globe (Source: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)


Maps of Worldwide Exodus

According to UN Reports, the risk of losing one’s home due to disaster is four times more likely since the 1970’s. This map shows internal displacement in 2013.

The New York Times reports: “Nearly 60 million people are displaced around the world because of conflict and persecution, the largest number ever recorded by the United Nations. About 14 million of those fled in 2014, according to a report released this week.” See on a map where they find a place to stay and which countries are the most generous hosts (no, it’s not the developed countries).

Explore an interacive map of the Refugee Project that documented refugee migrations since 1975 based on UN data.