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Martin Kleppe, co-founder at Ubilabs and an exceptional web developer, is appointed Google Expert (Photo: Ubilabs/Philipp Schmidt)


Martin Kleppe is Appointed Google Expert

Long-term expertise and exceptional dedication: Martin Kleppe, Head of Development and co-founder at Ubilabs, is now one out of eight Google Maps Developer Experts worldwide.

Google Experts are experienced, recognized developers of Google technologies as well as outstanding professionals in product strategy, UX/UI, marketing, growth hacking and monetization. They distinguish themselves through frequently speaking at conferences, share their passion and experience by publishing videos and tutorials, writing code samples, mentoring developers and startups and much more. Thanks to their support, developers, high-potential startups and technical communities around the world build and launch highly innovative apps.

All Experts undergo a multi-stage evaluation process. For Google Developer Experts (GDEs), this process includes submitting an application, an interview with an external Expert from the relevant area, followed by an interview with a Google specialist.

Renowned expert and speaker

Martin Kleppe is a public speaker, co-organizer of JSUnconf and well known in the web development community for creating exceptional projects, such as the spinning globe code in 1024 bytes of JavaScript, JSFuck or programs written in Asian characters only.  At Ubilabs he recently worked on the Street View Treks  and , and developed applications for companies like TUI and Car2Go.

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