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  • Daniel Hartwich, Android developer at Xing, shared his experience on working with the new Navigation Architecture Component.
  • As one of the meetup's organizers, Jossi Wolf presented the agenda of the night. (Source: Matthias Friedrich)
  • Natalya trying to stay focused right before her talk started.
  • Natalya shared her insights on solving a tracking problem in one of our clients' apps. (Source: Matthias Friedrich)
  • Meetup time is pizza time. Thanks to the great venue at the Xing office, this pizza break was a special one. (Source: Matthias Friedrich)


All about architecture: Natalya Blanco @ GDG Android Meetup

Giving a meetup talk was one of her bucket list items. At the September meetup of the GDG Hamburg Android group, Natalya Blanco could finally tick that off her list. In the talk, the mobile developer shared her experience with multi-process synchronization using RxJava.

Solving a tracking problem

When the GDG Hamburg Android group was looking for speakers for the first meetup after their summer break, Natalya didn’t hesitate to volunteer. As a meetup regular, she has always been active in the developer community but never had the chance to give a talk by herself.

The meetup topic called for a talk on architecture. Natalya chose a problem that she and our Android developer team were facing in one of our clients’ projects – multi-process synchronization using RxJava – and showed the architectural approach they designed to solve it. Her talk was followed by Xing developer Daniel Hartwich, who shared his insights on working with the new Navigation Architecture Component for Android.

A big thank you goes to GDG Hamburg Android for organizing the night and to Xing for providing the great location!