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Screenshot Webanwendung 3D-Tracking X-Alps


Fast forward and high up: Live tracking of Red Bull X-Alps 2023

New features create an even more immersive experience - from home and on the go

The live tracking in 2D and 3D of the Red Bull X-Alps race, which we implemented for the first time in 2019, has been expanded again this year with exciting features. Fans can now relive the most captivating scenes in replay mode and view an altitude profile of the athletes.

For the third time in a row, we were entrusted with the visualization of the real-time data. In order to visualize the GPS data of 32 athletes, who are on the move for about 14 days on foot or by paraglider, we use a connection of Google Maps and Google Cloud again this year. Because of new data-intensive features, we also rely on data storage with BigQuery. This way we guarantee a smooth performance of the tracking.

Hovering over the Alps in the cockpit view

The popular and proven tracking features remain. In the dashboard we display the current data of the race: Who is in which place, how many kilometers do the athletes still have to complete, how are they moving? The live tracking data is also displayed in individual statistics, where, for example, current altitude, kilometers already completed, distance still to be covered, current speed and much more are bundled. In addition, the social media feed of the athletes is also integrated into the individual statistics.

  • Close-up vom Paragliding im 3D-Tracking
  • 2D-Tracking mit Höhenmeter-Grafik
  • Dashboard des 3D-Trackings

To make the race even more vivid, we show the location and the already mastered track of each participant on a map, optionally in 2D or 3D. Depending on the type of movement, we assign different status icons to the athletes. In the 3D view, it is possible to switch to the cockpit view for flying athletes and hover together with them in the 3D world. This is an absolute highlight for fans, allowing them to be even closer to the event - even if they are sitting at their own end device.

All race data available at any time with replay mode

A new feature of the Live Tracking application gives even more insight into the course of the race. With the replay mode, we have created a feature that allows users to relive past race segments. Exciting scenes that fans may have missed can thus be replayed at a later date. This means that we no longer just present real-time data, but must make all data retrievable and visualizable at any given time. For this purpose, all race data is collected in BigQuery and can be replayed at any time simply by clicking the mouse.

Another special feature in the replay mode is the speed controller. Users can not only replay the most beautiful, important or exciting moments of the race, they can also watch the race in fast forward. In the replay view, we have included a speed slider that can increase the speed up to 64 times.

Up high with the Altitude Graph

3D-Livetracking mit Altitude Graph aus Renndaten von 2019
Alatitude Graph with data from 2019

Another new feature that we have implemented this year is the display of the completed altitude meters as a graphic. This makes it clear once again what top athletic performances are achieved by the participants on each race day. Thanks to the graphic, fans can now not only see the current position of the athletes, but also how many meters of altitude they have completed during the entire race. In addition, there is an individual view of the race days, in which the altitude meters covered are recorded in even greater detail.

The new features provide an improved user experience: The race of the extreme athletes can be experienced on your own sofa or on the road and the brand loyalty is further strengthened.

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