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  • He enjoys hiking – here in Canada (photo: private)
  • Robert is a co-organizer of JSUnconf (photo: private)
  • He always has his camera with him (photo: private)
  • No winter too hard, no slope too steep (photo: private)


Robert Katzki: Creative Web Developer

In the developers community Robert is known not only as a co-organizer of the JSUnconf, but also for his tips and tricks around the design of interactive maps with Google Maps or Mapbox. You can find out more about his highlights last year and his hobbies here in the interview.

When did you start working for Ubilabs?
I’ve been with the team for almost four and a half years, since August 2012.

What do you do specifically every day?
Most of the time I’m busy developing maps for our customers in JavaScript. From time to time I also do backend programming with Go. I provide expenditure assessments for new projects and advise customers on how to implement map frameworks.

What do you like most about it?
I enjoy using a wide range of tools, switch between languages, sometimes also design - and constantly learn something new. It’s hard to get bored here. ;)

What was your highlight here last year?
There were numerous highlights: We had a great Christmas party with the entire company. I enjoyed the work on Indrix, for which I was given full responsibility: design, UX, and implementation. As a bonus, I had the opportunity to tinker with Mapbox GL JS maps, which for me is the future of digital maps.

What do you particularly appreciate about Ubilabs? 
The informal atmosphere. I have witnessed this company grow significantly over the past years, yet it still feels tight-knit and familiar.

Your tip for a delicious lunch at Sternschanze?
I prefer restaurants that change their menu daily or weekly. My favorite place, where I like to enjoy delicious dishes with friends, is Cafe Juli.

In your spare time...
... I love to photograph, meet with friends, expand my vinyl collection, ride my bike, and play floorball in an amateur league. I enjoy trying out new things. Life is too short to stick with just the same old.

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