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  • The Khumbu, Nepal (Source: CNES / Astrium, cnes / Spot image , DigitalGlobe, Landsat)
  • German Bakery (Source: Google)
  • The Airport (Source: Google)
  • View of the Mountains (Source: Google)
  • Map of the Khumbu Region (Source: Google)


Visit the Region around Mount Everest: Ubilabs Created Khumbu Trek Page

For many people Mount Everest is a place of longing. Less well known, however, is the Khumbu region, which is home to Mount Everest. Khumbu is mainly inhabited by sherpas that enable, advise and provide what it takes for the tourists to reach the summit.

This region is in focus of the newest Google Street View Treks project. Google mapped and photographed the region, created new Street View images and improved its maps in the region. In addition videos and interviews ensure a great experience.

You can visit a German Bakery and listen to its owner about how to run a business in this region. Follow a small plane landing at the Lukla airport at a steep airstrip, which is the first of many adventures for visitors to the region. And don’t forget to enjoy the view!

Ubilabs designed and developed the Khumbu Trek page. From the navigation to the illustration of the region in the old Nepali style we were happy to be fully responsible for presenting the content delivered by Google in a consistent and sleek design.