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Location Finder for Toll Stations

Find the next service point quickly and easily

Where is the next toll station?

Ubilabs developed a location finder for the Toll Collect website that shows all toll stations and service partners across Germany – and beyond.

Better service for truck drivers and schedulers

Trucks with a weight of 7.5 tonnes or more are required to pay a toll on motorways and selected federal trunk roads in Germany. Working on behalf of the German Ministry of Transport, the toll is collected by Toll Collect GmbH. The toll can either be paid online or at a toll station terminal. Payment can also be made by a transponder that the service partner has installed in the truck.

Locate toll stations and service partners on a map 

In order to enhance its customer service, Toll Collect wanted a solution that made it easier to find service partners and toll stations. Ubilabs was tasked with developing a location finder for its company website that showed the service points and other information. The location finder also had to be easy to use and customizable to fit the Toll Collect design guidelines. 

So they chose the Ubilocal Store Locator, which is based on Google Maps. Thanks to its enormous popularity, the Google map is an ideal basis for the application. The design and functionality of the location finder were developed in line with Toll Collector’s vision – always keeping the requirements of the back-end systems and the company’s high security standards in mind.

A user-oriented location finder for mobile and desktop

The result is a location map that users can access on the company’s website to quickly search for the nearest service partners and toll stations. They can even find the opening hours and contact information. The application is suitable for both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Visit the Store Locator of Toll Collect