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  • Mapbox Studio (Source: Mapbox)
  • Tangram 3D Cities (Source: Mapzen)
  • Tangram 3D Cities (Source: Mapzen)
  • Real-time Map Design (Source: Mapzen)
  • Downhills at the Tour de France Test (Source: Wall Street Journal)


3D Map Making at Its Best – Our Top 5 Links of the Week

From Mapbox’ new design tool to the downhills of the Tour de France: Get up-to-date with our newest web tips. 

Mapbox released a powerful new map design tool

Mapbox Studio is really easy to use – also without programming skills. The new map design tool works the way designers think.You can design maps visually while seeing your changes instantly.

Real-time map design and interactivity with Mapzen

Mapzen builds open-source mapping tools and collaborates on open geodata initiatives. Tangram, for example, is a map renderer that allows to draw vector tiles live in a web browser and enables real-time map design, display, and interactivity.

Inspiration from art helps to give your map a human touch

Mapzen’s engineer Patricio Gonzalez Vivo developed a map using pseudo-random functions. Inspired by Ryjoji Ikeda, an electronic composer and artist, he created a spinning 3D view of cities – from Aachen to Zwolle. 

Build 3D city models with OSMBuildings GL

Create 3D City models with OpenStreetMap and interact with the map. The new version provides higher usability, you can turn the map, zoom in and out and klick on individual buildings.

Animation of Col D’Allos: The Descent Where the Tour de France Could Be Won or Lost

This report from Wall Street Journal gives you deeper insights into the feelings cyclists have during the Tour de France. Even more impressive is the interactive 3D graphic that supports this feeling for heights and descents.