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  • Die gaußschen Zahlen als Kunstwerk (
  • Eine Fahrradtour ohne das Haus zu verlassen – VR macht es möglich (
  • So würde der Weg aussehen, hätte Frodo Google Maps genutzt (
  • Alles im Blick: auch der Hamburger Hauptbahnhof wird gut überwacht (
  • Mit dem Yeti Verne das Himalaya-Gebiet erkunden (


3D & VR: With the Yeti in the Himalayas and Biking through Great Britain

Join Aaron Puzey on a virtual bicycle tour through England, see what Big Brother sees, and get to know the Himalayas along with a Yeti. Our top 5. 

A virtual bike tour through Great Britain

Traveling across England by bicycle without leaving home; can you even do that? The Briton Aaron Puzey would like to make it possible. His goal is to create a virtual tour of England using the data from Google Street View. In this video, he shows how he experiences the tour, and which stretches of the route he has already completed. 

Surveillance of those who surveil

The saying "Big Brother is watching you" expresses the fear of surveillance and the lack of data security. But how intensively are we being surveilled? This map is still only in the beta phase, but it is already providing information about where we are being filmed. 

The Gaussian numbers as artwork

For mathematician Zachary Abel, the difference between numbers and works of art is not that great, as is evidenced by his portraits of Sophie Germain and Carl Friedrich Gauss. 

If Frodo had had Google Maps 

If only Frodo had had Google Maps! Movie night with “Lord of the Rings” would be significantly shorter. He would have been able to bypass all of the “construction sites” and would have reached his destination without significant obstacles. Certainly Peter Jackson would have won an Oscar for clever route calculation – but he probably wouldn’t have received an award for creating an exciting movie.

Through the Himalayan region with the Yeti Verne

You don’t believe Yetis exist? Then you must not have met Verne yet. This adorable Yeti would be happy to show you the Himalayan region. Explore unknown places and skate, run, or fly with Verne through the mountains in 3D and using Google Maps.