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  • Ein Hip Hop Album in Google Street View (Google)
  • Die Skyline von New Yrok (Quelle: New York Times)
  • Das Datenportal der NASA (Quelle: National Aeronautics and Space Administration)


Our Top 3 of the Week: from NASA’s Data Portal to Album Covers in Street View

Our top links of the week will tell you more about your surroundings: whether it regards New York City’s past or music album covers in real life.

Have you explored Nasa’s Data portal yet? On this site you will find a continually growing catalog of publicly available NASA Datasets, APIs, Visualizations, and more.

Watch the rise of NYC in the last 500 years: The elevators to the observatory atop 1 World Trade Center show an animated time lapse that recreates the development of New York City’s skyline, from the 1500s to today.

And for those who wondered where the cover photos of their favorite music album were taken, we found two nice projects: Hip Hop and classical album covers in Google Street View in pictures.