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  • Exhausting a Crowd (Source: Kyle McDonald)
  • Brick Street View (Source: Einar Öberg)
  • TripinView (Source:


Our Pick of the Week: Explore Cities and Plan Your Next Holidays With Areal Videos

It’s Friday once again and we would like to share our favourite links with you. Enjoy planning your next vacation, going down memory lane with Lego and reading other peoples minds.

Urban density in the Netherlands - data visualization

The Netherlands is a very densely populated country for its size. This an animated datavisualisation sequence shows the very high levels of urbanisation – city dwelling – in the Netherlands compared with other countries in Northern Europe.

Travel by train and on foot - Isochrone Maps of Europe

If you like to travel by train and on foot, this map will give you an idea of how long you would expect to travel to any point in Europe starting in Berlin, using only trains and walking at a brisk rate of 5 min / kilometer.

Holiday destinations from above - discover the Mediterranean coastline

Tripinview is the new visual way to find and choose vacation destinations. By going to the interactive map or typing the place, or the area or the island of his next destination the visitor can not only locate it but also see a relevant video and find all the usefull information.

Brick Street View - Welcome to Lego City

For fans of Lego: Experience NYC with Brick Street View and enjoy the combination of Google Maps Street View with a 3D environment.

Pondering on the crowd at Picadilly Circus

Is the lady really after the man because of his fast food? Will the lady finally jaywalk? Watch this video, see for yourself and add your idea of what is happening.