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  • How is the income allocated in Germany after the fall? A Nation Divided by Zeit Online (Source:
  • Icons for free (Source:
  • NeuralTalk and Walk by Kyle McDonald (Source:
  • ARK Starmap by Turbulent – explore the space in 3D or 2D (Source:
  • Vivaldi, a new browser for everyone (Source:


A Divided Nation and the Galaxy in 3D: Our Top 5 of the Week

The search for downloadable icons can be quite a pain - we will show you Google’s solution. And if you are looking for the perfect personal browser, we have just the right thing for you.

Our Galaxy - close up

Have you ever taken a close look at our stars? We think you should! The canadian company Turbulent recreated our galaxy as a 3D map and gives us a completely new inside to our Universe. Over 100 star systems wait to be explored. The user can easily navigate from one planet to another, observe from every angle as well as get detailed information about each planet. Click here to find the ARK Starmap.

Invisible Borders

The division of Germany until 1989 has left quite a few marks in the society. The most severe ones have been evaluated and visualized by the german newspaper Die Zeit. Over fifteen graphics show the relicts of a divided country. Whether names, electronic devices or even football clubs, the gap is still there, 26 years later. Find out more about the differences of east and west and take a look at the former border that is still visible today.

Open Source Icons

Material icons are always hard to find. Google now offers free material icons for every usage. The icons are downloadable as SVG or PNG, scalable and for the more creative ones: Open Source. They can be reshaped, remixed or adapted in any way the user sees fit. As a nice extra, developers can get the icons as git repository making customization even easier.

Automated image captions

This amazing video shows a modified version of NeuralTalk in a live webcam feed. NeuralTalk is an algorithm designed on the MS COCO dataset that captions images automatically. Kyle McDonald wasn’t nearly satisfied with only images and therefore recorded a video on his webcam, letting his laptop comment on every sequence. See for yourself.

If only Vivaldi be still alive

This week’s links are all about customization. Our very last link of the week puts the users needs first. The makers of the Opera web browser released the Beta version of the new Vivaldi browser. The possibilities seem endless, open tabs can be placed wherever you like or even combined into one, rearrange the URL bar or use the note function for better organization. Download the browser here and get more information.