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  • 25 years of Adobe Photoshop: real or edited? (Source: Kent Mearig)
  • Citee Fashion: wearable cities (Source: Alex Szabo-Haslam)
  • Collection of more or less appetizing in-flight meal photos (Source:
  • City Statistics (Source: Bureau Oberhaeuser)
  • Found on 30 Aerial Drone Photographs (Source: Amos Chapple)


Our Top 5 Links: For Frequent Flyers, T-Fans and Photoshop Sceptics

Wear you favourite city as a fashion statement or take a look at them from far above. And if you ever wondered how in-flight meals differ by class and airline you should check out our links of the week.

Do maps have a certain beauty for you?

Maybe the Kickstarter project Citee Fashion is perfect for you: The designer Alex Szabo-Haslam created T-Shirts using OpenStreetMap data. Each t-shirt displays a map from one of 80 cities across the globe.

Are you interested in statistics about life in Germany?

Bureau Oberhaeuser is a design studio created an interactive infographic you can compare the statistics of the ten largest German cities by 15 customizable categories.

How was your last in-flight meal?

Did you enjoy it – and did you take a picture? Then you should join the foto community Since 2001 almost 35,000 images have been uploaded.

Do you love to see the earth from above?

Some of these photos taken by drones look a bit like Google Earth images but with a much higher resolution. Others make you feel like flying. For example you can enjoy a full view of the Taj Mahal that shows all major landmarks including the full span of the river.

What do you guess: real or photoshop?

Adobe celebrates 25 years of photoshop and wants to prove, that it is nearly impossible to differentiate between a real or edited photo. Can you tell the difference? Take the test.