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  • Border between Norway and Sweden (Source: earthporn)
  • Switching user database on a running system (Source: Marcus Vesterlund)
  • Path finding Library (Source:
  • Semantic Image Segmentation (Source:


Sharing is Caring – Our Top 5 Inspirations of the Week

Again we would like to present you our small findings-of-the-web-collection: This week we explore borders of the world and learn more about the new Mapbox features.

Although borders blur virtually, there are still strictly defined boarders between nations – determining two different worlds.

Mapbox provides new cool features like new perspective mode, improved labelling, touch support and expanded API documentation.

Semantic image analysation did a big step forward: Here you can upload your own picture and see how it works.

Do you want to know how different pathfinding algorithms work? Start exploring the path-finding library for grid based games.

In case you have to change the heart of a system without shutting it down, read this post on switching user database on a running system.