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  • Looks really tasty – McDonald’s should definitely think about advertising like Apple (Source:
  • For fans of history: Learn more about Hamburg's ups and downs in recent years (Source:
  • How to know where you should live in London: fried chicken vs. coffee shops (Source: by Sam Floy)
  • If McDonald’s Advertised Like Apple, a video by BuzzFeed (Source:
  • There is something missing... (Source:


From London’s New Up and Coming to Life Without Smartphones: Our Weekly Top 5

Enjoy our top five links of the week: See London’s new up and comings, what we look like if our smartphones are out of the picture and why McDonald and Apple pursue completely different PR strategy.

1. London’s new “up and comings”

Everyone that is currently living in London or planning to do so has to have a look at these heatmaps. Sam Floy spend some time figuring out how to find the “up and coming” areas of London. Following a theory about the density of coffee shops and fried chicken stores this website will show you exactly where to move to. Curious? Find out the secret about “up and coming” here.

2. Hamburg downtown: the changes of two centuries

This web-discovery is not only fascinating for the long-established people of Hamburg but for every visitor that wants to take the train back in time. The city of Hamburg published paintings of the city from the years 1830 to 1840. The online gallery reconstructs Hamburg’s famous promenades and landmarks and will definitely show you the city like you have never seen it before.

3. Our world without smartphones

We text, we play or simply look at our smartphones all day long expecting world news to appear on our screens any second. We use smartphones hourly if not every minute, every day. The constant present of our smarter selves while spending time with friends and family was captured by the Artist Eric Pickersgill. Have a look at pictures that will show you the absurdity of quality time in 21st century style.

4. What your face would look like on somebody else

Facial reenactment has come to a new level. At Standford University a group of technical scientist developed the “Realtime Expression Transfer”. This method is based on photo-realistic re-rendering and enables the transfer of an actors facial expressions from a source video to a target video. Click here, if you are interested in finding out more about this truly amazing approach.

5. If McDonald’s Advertised Like Apple

And the most fun part last: Have you ever wondered how a McDonald commercial would look like if it was made by Apple? You are about to find out! Check out this video and see fastfood in a completely different way.