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  • The most timeless songs (Source:; Graph by Matt Daniels)
  • playing kid – morph and skeletal animation (Source:
  • Create your map with Pixel Map Generator (Source:


Hello World! Our Top 5 Links for Your Map Inspiration

There are a million things to be shown on a map – and a variety of styles and ways to convey complex information. Learn more with our top web tips of the week:

It’s no news that globalization is in full swing. This beautiful interactive world map developed at Harvard University visualizes 15 trillion dollar of world trade and shows the economic complexity around the globe.

The migration crises dominates the news. Do you want to know where migrants apply for asylum in Europe? The Telegraph mapped the figures of migrants to show the extent of the current crisis in Europe.

Start your live cam and be part of the 3D-kid’s computer game

Do you love music from the 90’sHere are the most timeless songs of this period, ranked on Spotify.

And last but not least: Create a map to your own style with the pixel map generator. Select the whole world or one country, use the colors you love and decide between round and squared pixels.