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  • Lines of the Bell Telephone Companies. (Source: David Rumsey Map Collection)
  • CartoDB static maps (Source: CartoDB 2015)
  • Tom Deniss - Run around the World (Source:
  • Mapping hours of direct sunlight in Wellington City (Source: dumpark)


World Record for Running Around the Globe and Music on the Map: Our Top 5 Links

This week’s links will take you on a trip around the world. Spotimap will accompany you by playing the right song and Tom Deniss will show you how to have the work out of your life by visiting 18 countries on a run.

Are you looking for a song which is connected to the place of your dreams? Spotimap links songs to cities. Search for the city you want to explore and find songs that are related to it. The map is connected with Spotify – you can either listen to the song directly or will be redirected to your Spotify account. If you are more of an endurance junkie, you should accompany Tom Deniss at his journey through 18 countries – on foot. Read stories about his 622 day long world record run and follow his journey on an interactive map. Last but not least we have some good news for CartoDB users: You will be able to generate static images of dynamic maps from your accounts. The capability was directly added to your CartoDB Editor. From any visualization, quickly generate static images to embed in your presentations, share over email, or anything else.

Our top 5 links of the week:

Spotimap - interactive map of songs about music

Mapping the hours of sunlight in Wellington

Tom Denniss world record for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot

Distribution system of the US-American telephone network from 1910

CartoDB static maps