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  • The new Google logo (Source:
  • Video about the last audio cassette factory (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Thimble helps you to create your own web pages (Source:


Our Top 5: New Logo, New Features and Old Media

Go down memory lane and visit the last audio casette factory, learn how to build your own website or learn more about Google’s new logo.

Some people love the change, other prefer a stable world. We love both: Things that stay, innovations that enrich our lives. Our top 5 reflect this attitude:

New logo

It’s obvious: Google’s logo got a face lift. Here is the story behind the changes: Evolving the Google Identity

New features

Mapbox’ Distance API allows you to build tools that efficiently check the reachability of coordinates from each other, filter points by travel time or run algorithms for solving optimization problems.

For newbies

Thimble is an online code editor that makes it easy to create and publish your own web pages while learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

For offliners

UpUp ist an “Offline First” Library. This free, open source project aims to serve content to the users, even when they are offline.

For nostalgics

Do you remember composing a mixtape for your best friend? If you are wishfully thinking about those good old times, you should watch the video The Last Audio Cassette Factory.